18 Sep-23 Sep

Bethany Rose Lamont’s ‘Ancient Child’ show examines the gulf between reality and fantasy in image making and personal identity. The work gives particular focus to the experience of childhood, questioning the adult’s ability to reliably represent his, or her own, childhood narrative. Applying seductively naïve models of image making, Lamont’s work manipulates the familiar (Disney imagery, replica installations of film sets) and the banal (library tickets, photographs of train stations) to create a critical portrait of the unoriginal nature of individual identity.

Utilising the same crayons and watercolours she first drew with as a child to create her current work, Lamont’s work can be interpreted as a direct extension of her own childhood drawings and experiences. Yet, her work does not seek to idealise and sanitise the early years of life. Instead, she chooses to examine the violence of childhood, interpreting the experience of human development as an intrinsically traumatic experience. The vivid colour and patterns of her paintings seek to express the roaring pull of a dream world, so compelling and seductive in contrast to the mediocrity of reality and the repulsion of the gross physical self. The objects and toys from her childhood have also been drawn on in ‘Ancient Child’s installation work, thus confirming Lamont’s position as an abject archivist of her own short life.

Born 1991, Bethany Rose Lamont graduated this summer from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design with a first class degree in Criticism, Communication and Curation: Art and Design. Alongside her BA she has also developed her critical practice at the Slade School of Art, studying Fine Art: Applied drawing. A member of the international all female art collective the Ardorous, her work is part of the young digital feminist movement that has emerged from the micro-blogging community. She was selected by renowned fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson for Gevinson’s curatorial debut, ‘Strange Magic’ in Los Angeles, a showcase of young upcoming female artists. She has previously collaborated with the British Library, the Hackney Citizen and NME and has exhibited alongside world famous artists such as David Shrigley and Gary Webb. Her work has been featured in a range of publications, including Rookie Magazine, Girls Get Busy, The National Student Newspaper, Cura and The F Word.

Private View Tuesday 18th September


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18 Sep 2012 - 23 Sep 2012