Creative Beast and Beings

10 Sep-22 Sep

Curated by Ange Mullen-Bryan, whose work also features in the show, ‘Creatures, Beasts and Beings’ pulls together a number of artists that Ange admires and feels an affinity with. There is a common thread which runs through the exhibited work of fancy and fear, gentle folk tales and grisly sagas. Whether they are describing creatures, beasts or beings, or simply observing the world from the perspective of one, all the works refer to the human condition as all three, one and the same.

Adele Lamberts’  paintings are inspired by Stravinsky’s ‘The Rite of Spring’, particularly its debut in 1913 of Diaghilev’s work with the ballet Ruses in Paris. The paintings, like the ballet are a mix of fertility, festival, ritual and bitter sweet fairy tale. They reveal the human condition in its strange celebrations and hint at its darkness.

Andy Kinnear’s prints and texts are produced under the mysterious and intriguing guise of the Dreamwax printer.  They are a witty and sinister nudge at
the mirth in life and in death. The frailties and strengths,  aspirations  and failings of beings and our traditions of storytelling and documentation are examined with a wry smile in this work.

Ange Mullen-Bryan’s  paintings are from ‘The Playground series’ which are a range of works in which she has allowed  strange, almost abstract, sometimes playful and erotic  beasts to creep into her Scandinavian forest scapes. The result is bizarre and fantastical.

Lucy Atherton’s gentle paintings reveal her intimate and affectionate relationship with creatures. She places them in wide ethereal mythical landscapes where the northern lights may glow or a star may slowly fall, which gives them an epic and timeless nature that is wistful, humbling and mysterious.

Nadine James’ drawings take a creatures perspective, nestled low in the long grass,  they peer from the undergrowth, close to the earth looking up at the sky. Shards of grass and wisps of dandelion heads so close they are almost abstracted, are portrayed in black and white as creatures themselves would see them. They are an intimate and delicate document of places over which we tread.


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10 Sep 2013 - 22 Sep 2013