30 Oct-03 Nov

A showcase of Helen Williams’s multi faceted craft practice, centred around the act of her making all new members of her textile menagerie live in the space for the dura- tion of the exhibition.

Part open studio, part performance – all interactive, Helen will engage directly with the public and invite them to learn more about her craft techniques, commission bespoke creations and find out just how many creatures one woman can make in a week.

Situated in the context of Cabot Circus, an area dominated by retail outlets pushing- mid to high end consumer goods fabricated in far corners of the globe by faceless shift workers to uniform designs, The Owl’s Nest functions as a counterpoint, a space where the consumer can become a participant and consider the joy of the handmade, the unique the act of making – objects as the product of labour rather than just prod- uct, creating moments of human connection amongst the standardised consumer transactions.


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Opening Hours

Preview 30th October 6pm-9pm


30 Oct 2012 - 03 Nov 2012


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