Joachim Seitfudem and Rachel Falber

30 Jul-18 Aug

Joachim Seitfudem - Artist Statement

Joachim was born in Bavaria, South Germany and started professionally sculpturing at the very young age of 15. In 2008 he was announced Winner of the Championship of Wood Sculpture in Southern Germany. He has since moved to Bristol where he has been based for over a year exhibiting in galleries nationally as well as internationally.

In his work Joachim loves to fathom the unreal and the dream like as well as the deepness of the unconsciousness, and to dilate via the fantasy, absurdism and especially the melancholy.

His works stimulates melancholic thoughts and shows the viewer the importance of living in the now. As a viewer, your mind marvels at the complex scenes before you, so much going on and so much symbolism intertwined in the beautiful imaginativeness of Joachim’s work.

His sculptors are mostly mounted in deep,dark frames,which gives the viewer a sense that the sculptures live in their own world, undisturbed by the goings on around them.

Rachel Falber - Artist Statement

After graduating with honours from Falmouth College of Art and Design in 2009, Rachel Falber currently works as a freelance artist and maker from her home town of Bristol. In these few short years, she has exhibited in galleries nationwide, and gained a fast growing recognition of her beautifully detailed illustrative work. As well as this, Rachel has now become and integral team member to two acclaimed galleries; the Royal West of England Academy and the hugely exciting Grant Bradley Gallery.

Rachel’s main focus now lies within intricate and atmospheric illustrations, etchings and multi-medium painting, and is now working under the moniker of Hare Raising Designs. Through this, she hopes to engage her viewer using a distinctive range of subject matters, the most favoured of which can stretch from the macabre and other-worldly, right through to the natural and simplistic.

Traditional childrens illustrations, the intriguing and complex world of anatomy and the dark beauty of mortality, all feature in the ever-growing collection of influences that inspire Rachel to draw. Her unrelenting interest in all areas of art and creativity, seamlessly entwined with a desire to spark an emotion within her audience, is what encourages Rachel to create art each and every day


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30 Jul 2013 - 18 Aug 2013


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