05 Feb-10 Feb

In Further, Stranger, Soledad Jalees explores urban and post-urban environments. Animals and monsters roam through empty or derelict streets. People scavenge amongst ruins, or try to preserve a semblance of normality as shadows lengthen and predators move closer.

The daughter of refugees, Soledad’s earliest memories were shaped by narratives of war and flight, and a sense of not quite belonging. As a child, she dreamed of the devastated streets in which her parents grew up. These stories have haunted her all her life. Nevertheless, she is very much a city person, and her images show that despite the monsters and fractured buildings, the strangeness can be tenderly poignant, humorous even, as much as nightmarish.

Small Suburban Haunting: Detail

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Preview: Friday 8 February 6.30 – 8.30pm


05 Feb 2013 - 10 Feb 2013