07 Oct-14 Oct


( Traces of the ancient flame)

The ancient flame burns inside you

She is the essence of magic and mystery…

a strict, tenacious teacher twisting the knife…

wild..clawing at your soul to reveal its true essence…

She is your one real best wise friend you can trust and count on..

the one that guides you .. the light

She is the force..the spark that lights the fire, powerful …divine

She is grace , beauty and harmony ..

a divine creator.. everything is conceived in her ..because life never just happens ..

life gives you answers

Aine Llyn uses her brush and pencil like scalpels..penetrating the flesh .. the soul

in the shadows .. creeping silently under the covers looking for traces of her.

She lives in Tuscany, Italy and works in a medieval castle,where mystery and silence

mingle with her essences and colours, odours that

belong to memory .. burned into

her child memories… a sort of inherited destiny to which she rebelled against

until it became a choice.. a personal, conscious and passionate life choice …

Exhibitions, competitions, art fairs .. her works are now in public and private

collections in Italy and abroad .


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07 Oct 2013 - 14 Oct 2013